Members of The Moray Council


The Council makes key decisions on how money is spent and which services are provided in Moray.  This includes the setting of the annual Council Budget and approving the capital investment programme.

A full description of the Council’s functions, and matters which are excluded from delegation to committees, can be found in Sections I and II of the Council’s Scheme of Administration.

Committee Membership

Councillor A Wright (Council Convener) (CON)
Councillor S Cree (Leader) (IND)
Councillor G Alexander (IND)
Councillor J Allan (CON)
Councillor G Coull (SNP)
Councillor J Cowe (IND)
Councillor G Cowie (IND)
Councillor L Creswell (IND)
Councillor J Divers (LAB)
Councillor P Gowans (SNP)
Councillor M Howe (SNP)
Councillor G Leadbitter (SNP)
Councillor M McConachie (SNP)
Councillor G McDonald (SNP)
Councillor A McLean (SNP)
Councillor S Morton (LAB)
Councillor F Murdoch (IND)
Councillor P Paul (SNP)
Councillor K Reid (SNP)
Councillor D Ross (CON)
Councillor M Shand (SNP)
Councillor A Skene (IND)
Councillor D Slater (IND)
Councillor R Shepherd (IND)
Councillor C Tuke (IND)
Councillor S Warren (SNP)

Committee Contact

Moira Patrick, Democratic Services Manager
Tel: 01343 563016

Meeting Dates

A timetable of meetings can be found here.

Contact Us

Committee Services
Council Offices
High Street
IV30 1BX

01343 563014


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