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These plans are an update as at July 2021 following the public consultation which ended on 10th May 2021

We had a good response and would like to thank those who took the time to contact us. We have taken on board the comments and have made changes as a result.

Forres Cycle Network Roysvale 2021

Roysvale layout (PDF)  Burdysyard layout (PDF)  Burdshaugh layout (PDF)

The main changes are:

  • Removal of the parking bay outside nos 62-82
  • The provision of a raised crossing at the junction of Burdshaugh and Castle Street
  • Raising the path through Roysvale Park from Applegrove to Roysvale Terrace to help with drainage

We are not proposing any changes to the part of Burdshaugh from Orchard Road to Sharpes Place with no pavement. Suggestions from one way to speed humps to no speed bumps, as they are difficult for wheelchairs, were given and in the end we could not work out how to balance the competing views at this time.

Please use the Online Response Form for any comments on the changes.



A number of different studies (Forres 2020 Vision; Forres Active Travel Audit (Feb 2012); Moray Council Active Travel Route Feasibility Study for Forres (March 2019) and Moray Local Development Plan 2020) have identified routes around Forres which would enhance the active travel network. This scheme was identified by analysing where people are walking and cycling from to get to the schools in Forres.

The footbridge across the Burn of Mosset was replaced by Springfield Properties in early 2020, as part of their planning obligations to provide a suitable link to Forres Academy from new developments in the south of Forres. An opportunity arose for the Council to further enhance the route to Forres Academy and Applegrove School through a funding application to Sustrans. Also, when we were building the cycletrack along Sanquar Road beside Applegrove Primary School and through Roysvale Park to Forres Academy, there were a number of requests to upgrade the path from Applegrove to Roysvale Terrace and the Tennis court path. As a result of these request and with the new connection to Fleurs Place we are now proposing to build the following paths.

The proposed scheme will

  • Widen the path along Burdshaugh from the new bridge towards Forres Academy. This will provide a path for both people walking and cycling
  • Narrow the road at the end of the bridge, to allow drivers on Burdshaugh a view of cyclists coming from the bridge.
  • Widen and improve the drainage on the path along the boundary of Applegrove School, from Sanquhar Road to Roysvale Terrace. This will be built away from the trees and will not damage them.
  • Improve the crossing on Castle Street where the path from Roysvale Terrace crosses it.
  • Widen the pavement and provide a cycletrack in front of Forres Academy on Burdshaugh, meaning that the main road will be Burdsyard Road into Castle Street with Burdshaugh being narrowed and parking bays provided outside the houses.
  • Widen the path outside the 4 houses opposite the Academy on Burdsyard Road and join to the path already widened on Sanquhar Road, to allow people to cycle and walk on it.
  • We are also seeking ideas on what you would like Burdshaugh to look like as it has few pavements between Sharpes Place and Orchard Road.


Feedback on this scheme would be welcomed by 5pm on Monday 10th May 2021

Due to Covid-19 the consultation is being carried out virtually with various options below to engage with us.

Plan of scheme – a drawing showing the proposals for the area with details of road widths and which parts of the paths can be used by cyclists and pedestrians.

Artists impression of widened area outside Forres Academy – a view of Burdshaugh at its junction with Castle Street


Artists impression of Burdshaugh looking from the Academy to the new bridge


Artists impression of Burdshaugh looking from Sharpes Place to the new bridge


Have your say

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Online Response Form – Please use this online form to provide feedback on the project.

Virtual public information drop-in sessions will take place on Tuesday 4th May 2021 between 3pm and 5pm with the team to ask questions and make suggestions. These will be held on Microsoft Teams and can be booked by emailing

Responses should be submitted by 5pm on Monday 10th May 2021, preferably using the online response form above.


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