LR189 - 17 Cathay Terrace, Cullen

Proposed change of use of domestic garage to commercial garage for the conversion of Volkswagen vans to camper vans.

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Application No: 17/00044/APP

Date Type of Document Document Name
11/09/17 Notice Notice of Review and Grounds for Review
11/09/17 Letters Applicant: Acknowledgement
Development Management: Notice of Review Notification
Interested Parties: Notice of Review Notification
18/09/17 Documents Development Management: Documents
29/09/17 Papers Interested Parties: Further Representations
29/09/17 Letters Applicant: Further Representation Notification
06/10/17 Papers Applicant: Response to Further Representations
09/10/17 Letters Applicant: Site Visit Notification
13/11/17 Notice Decision Notice

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