FOI Request - Measures against Seagulls

Request 101000360357

This is a Freedom of Information request regarding seagulls causing nuisance in the council area.

1.Can you tell me please how many seagulls have been culled in each of the following years – 2014/15, 2013/14, 2012/13, 2011/12 and 2010/11.

2.In each of those years, can you tell me the measures taken against seagulls and how much these measures cost (with a breakdown of each measures taken, eg spikes, education, nest or egg removal, etc, and how much each cost).

3.Can you tell me please if the council has discussed or has plans to cull seagulls.

4.Can you provide figures of how many times the council has been sued or made payments in relation to seagulls in each of the listed five years. In each case, please provide the location, the nature of the seagull attack, any injuries suffered, the outcome of the action against the council, and the amount of money paid.

5.Please provide details of any other animals killed or controlled by the council for each of the five years listed. For each type of animal, please provide the number dealt with, the measures taken and the cost of dealing with them.

Response 28-07-2015

1.  None

2.  Environmental Health does not undertake of proofing against gulls.  We have undertaken education of individuals when visiting regarding complaints of feeding.  The cost to the service cannot be determined specifically as integrated with other work activities. Numbers of educational visits to deal with complaints per year 2010 – 16, 2011 – 28, 2012 – 38, 2013 – 23, 2014 -1.

3.  No Plans

4.  None

5.  Moles have been trapped -
Numbers unknown
2014/15 - £310.34
2013/14 - £228.70
2012/13 - £191.00
2011/12 - £297.60
2010/11 - £133.40

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