FOI Request - Private Unadopted Roads

Request 101000360349

1. What requirements does a private unadopted road need to meet for it to be adopted by Moray Council?

2a. Have Moray Council ever undertaken an inspection of the unadopted part of Lochiepots Road (Miltonduff IV30 8WL) to ascertain if it could be adopted or not?  

b. If so, on what date did this inspection occur?

c. Did the inspection identify any works that would need to be undertaken before Moray Council would adopt the road?

d. If so, could you provide me with details of those works?

3. Would Moray Council agree to undertake an inspection of a private unadopted road with the intention of identifying what works would be required to make it up to adoptable standards if requested to do so by frontagers?

4. Who holds the public liability responsibility for private unadopted roads; the frontagers, Moray Council or the land owner on whose land the road was built?

Response 31-07-2015

1. PU road has to be constructed to a standard suitable for adoption.
See TMC web page
and included link to Aberdeenshire Council Standards which are shared with The Moray Council.

2a. Yes

2b. Some time before June 2002

2c. Yes

2d. See attached link

3. Yes.

4. Not Moray Council. Unable to advise otherwise - may be referenced in title deeds.

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