FOI Request - Stock Management Policy

Request 101000357851

1.  I have found a copy of the library service‚Äôs stock management policy online, however if there is a more recent version, please could you supply a copy. The stock management policy may be known by a different name, such as a collection policy, stock selection policy or a similar variation.

2. Is supplier selection used for acquiring library stock? If yes, does this include LGBT-related fiction or non-fiction titles? Is LGBT-related fiction included in the stock profiles given to stock suppliers to aid selection? Can copies of these be provided?

3. Has an Equalities Impact Assessment been carried out on the stock management policy? If yes, could you please supply a copy of the full report.

Response 26-06-2015

1.  This policy is the most recent published version. We are currently working on a revised version.

2.  We use supplier selection for all mainstream book supply but do have a limited budget for other collections and have purchased LGBT related fiction and non-fiction resources.

3.  No

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