FOI Request - External Home Insulation Contract

Request 101000357838

Milton Drive/Brodie Avenue Buckie - external home insulation.

Can you confirm that:

1  A contract to the value of £90,009 was awarded to SSE for the above work.

2 How many houses were completed 2014/15.

3  How many will be completed 2015/16.

4  Is the project currently on time.

5  Is the project currently on budget.

6   Will all houses be treated as per original contract specification. If the answer to 4 or 5 is no please give comprehensive details on how the issue will be mitigated, and if contract cost has increased please explain why, by how much, and how the increase will be funded.

Response 01-07-2015

1.  Yes it was - the contract was awarded on the basis of an initial 'sample' contract of houses with a view to negotiating/instructing further phases based on the original tender for a period of 2 years from acceptance.  

2.  No houses were fully completed although site set-up and initial works, including wall preparation to allow application of the insulation/render had commenced.

3.  53 will be completed in 2015/16

4.  Yes, there was no specific timescale or contract period set for the contract - this was to be by agreement between the Council and SSE.

5.  Yes

6.  Yes, all houses are being treated in accordance with the contract specification.

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