FOI Request - Social Work Staff

Request 101000357594

Could you please provide me with an up to date list of the names of all:-

Social Work Management staff including, Heads of Service, Area Managers/Service Managers, Team Managers /Team Leaders within Adult Care, Children Services and Criminal Justice Services across the local authority?

Response 01-07-2015

Community Care

Jane Mackie, Head of Community Care
John Campbell, Provider Services Manager Joyce Lorimer, Service Manager (Social Work Services) Lesley Attridge, Service Manager (OT & Intermediate Care) Roddy Huggan, Commissioning & Performance Manager Alex Morrison, Team Manager (Access) Emma Gormley, Team Manager (Mental Health) - job share Gordon MacKenzie, Team Manager (Learning Disability) Kirsteen Pyett, Team Manager (Mental Health) - job share Linda Marquardt, Team Manager (Moray West) Michelle Haywood, Team Manager (Moray East) Paul Johnston, Team Manager (Drug & Alcohol)

Integrated Children Services - structure can be found here.

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