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1.  How many section 13 notices have Moray Council issued under the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 since the 1st of January 2005?

2.  Under what circumstances would Moray Council issue a section 13 notice under the Roads (Scotland) Act?

3.  Are there any circumstances under which Moray Council would refuse to service a private road in respect to refuse collection and other associated services?  If so, what are those circumstances?

4.  Have Moray Council adopted any part of Lochiepots Road (Miltonduff, IV30 8WL) onto their list of public roads?  If so, which part(s) of Lochiepots Road have been adopted and on what date(s) did this occur?

5.  Is Lochiepots Road (Miltonduff, IV30 8WL) detailed on the list of private roads held by Moray Council?  If so, on what date was it added?

6.  In reference to section 17 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, what is Moray Council's current position re the construction of private dwellinghouses on private roads?

Response 01-07-2015

1. No Section 13 Notices have been issued since 01/01/05.

2. A Section 13 Notice would be issued as a result of request from a number of frontagers.

3. See Kerbside Collection Policy attached here.

4. Please see plan here. Adoption took place on 28/02/01.

5. Lochiepots Road is detailed as a Private Unadopted Road, added in the Financial Year 1998/99.

6. Six or more individual dwellings require to be served by an adopted road and a Road Bond provided by the developer.

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