FOI Request - Deceased No Next of Kin from May 2015

Request 101000357118

1. From May 2015 to any pending please provide details of any deceased persons you have dealt with who have no known next of kin (or you cannot find next of kin).

2. Date of Death and Date of Birth.

3. Last known address.

4. The date passed onto TSOL or The Duchy Solicitor (plus any pending).

5. The approximate value of estate.

Response 24-06-2015

Mr Albert James, Weston House Care Home, 123, Moss Street, Keith AB55 5EZ

Date of Death: 6.6.15

Marital Status: Not known

Date of birth: 17.2.27 (Place of birth not known)

Estimated value of estate: Not known at this stage.

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