FOI Request - Real Time Monitoring

Request 101000357050

1.Does the Council use a system for real time monitoring (for care at home delivered services)

1a. If yes, who is the supplier of the solution:

2.When did this contract start:

3.When is this contract end date and is there options for a contract extension(any role over clauses that will extend the contract):

4.How much did the Council pay in setup fees for this system:?

5.How much does the Council pay (annually) for this system:?

6.How much resource (in staffing and systems costs) does the council have to spend, per annum, in hosting and administrating this service

Response 26-06-2015

1.  Yes

1a  Advanced Health & Care

2.  August 2013

3.  August 2018

4.  £60,000

5.  £52,000

6.  Not known at present as system still in project implementation stage


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