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1. Do your libraries have a disabled users policy? If ‘yes’, please may I have a copy.

2. Are library staff provided with training about disability awareness? If ‘yes’, at what level?

3. Are library staff provided with training in the use of assistive technologies? If ‘yes’, at what level?

4. Do your libraries provide a home delivery service to housebound people?

5. Do your libraries provide materials in alternative formats, such as large print, Braille and spoken word CDs?

Response 25-06-2015

1.  Moray Libraries do not have a disabled users policy but we do have disabled access to all of our services and adhere to Moray Council policies on disability.

2.  Libraries staff are trained on disability awareness when it is offered through Moray Council's Employee Development, North East Sensory Services and through partnership with NHS Grampian.

3.  Staff are provided with guidance on using Accessibility Options on computers. Support is also accessed through partner organisations when required eg Moray Resource Centre, Moray Sensory Services.

4.  Yes but provision varies across libraries. Library volunteers deliver collections of resources to library users, the mobile library visits housebound readers, library staff deliver to individuals.

5.  Yes, we provide large print, spoken word CDs, e-books and e-audio books.

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