FOI Request - Armed Forces School Visits

Request 101000356534

1)            The responses you gave to any FOISA requests on armed forces engagement with (including visits to) schools that you received between 2003 and 2010.

2)            The stance of the council on armed forces visits to – and provision of resources to – schools.

3)            How does the council ensure that when students encounter the armed forces in school through visits and learning resources, they explore opposing views so that there is political balance?

4)            Do armed forces visitors to schools have to be PVG-checked?

5)            Are parents/guardians always consulted on whether they are happy to have their child/guardee take part in an armed forces activity at school?

6)            Are students given the option to opt out of armed forces activities in their school?  

7)            What comparable initiatives to the Military Ethos in Schools programme in states schools in England (Combined Cadet Force, ‘alternative provision with a military ethos‘, Troops to Teachers), are there in schools in the council’s area? Are there plans, or is there at least an openness, to develop Military Ethos in Schools initiatives in the future?'

Response 25-06-2015

1)  This information is not held and is exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

2)  The Council welcomes any approaches from the Armed Forces to visit schools in order to enhance Curricular delivery.  

3)  The Council promotes equality in all areas eg gender, race and this would also include political viewpoints.

4)  They do not have to be PVG checked as teaching staff would be present during any visit.  Normal PVG procedures would be adhered to.

5)  This would not be the norm, however parents have the right to request that their child is withdrawn from any activity that they do not wish them to take part in.

6)  This is covered under 5 above.

7)  There are no plans for such initiatives at the present time.

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