FOI Request - Personal Injury Claims at Schools

Request 101000356362

1.  How many personal injuries claims have been made in total at both primary and secondary schools over the past five years, since September 2009 to date, and how many of those were successful

2.  The total amount of compensation that has been paid out as a result of successful PI claims made after children were injured while at both primary and secondary schools since September 2009

3.  A list detailing the cause of each individual incident, which resulted in a successful claim, and the amount of money that was paid out per incident in a successful claim since September 2009

4.  An outline of the procedure carried out by both the school and the local authority once an injury claim has been made.

To clarify, Question 1 applies to injuries to children only and that Questions 1 to 3 are claims notified since September 2009.

Response 24-06-2015

The information requested can be found here.

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