FOI Request - Anti Radicalisation IT

Request 101000356255

In light of the new Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, please tell me what discussions have taken place since January 2015 to adapt IT measures to detect the potential radicalisation of students? This should include:

1.  How many primary or secondary schools currently use, or will start to use, antiradicalisation IT solutions provided by Impero, Securus and Future Digital
schools-anti-radicalization-software/71059854)? Please list each school.

2.  What internal education-oriented meetings have taken place to address potential IT measures in schools to detect the potential radicalisation of students? Please provide minutes, agendas, emails associated with any of these meetings.

Response 10-07-2015

1. None of the specified systems are in use and there are no current plans to implement in the schools.

2.  No meetings have been held specifically in relation to IT measures / solutions to address the potential radicalisation of students.

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