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Request 101000356249

1.  Which primary and secondary schools within your council area, if any, currently use the Impero Education Pro software produced by Impero Software?

2.  For each school where the software is used, what keyword libraries are installed (i.e. adult content, self-harm, sexting, grooming, suicide, violence and weapons)?

3.  For each school, (a) how many alerts were triggered by each library in the last school year, and (b) what was the outcome of each alert (i.e. false positive, counselling etc)?

4.  What discussions have taken place between the council and these schools to request the radicalisation keyword library ( when it is available this autumn? Please include any relevant communications including emails, minutes, memos etc.

Response 24-06-2015

1.  None

2.  N/A

3.  N/A

4.  N/A

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