FOI Request - Analysis, Reporting and Data Quality

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I would be obliged if you could provide by email some information on the organisation’s Analysis, Reporting and Data Quality Practices, namely;

1. Relevant to the above, does the organisation have any Frameworks /Preferred Supplier Lists in place?

2. If yes to Q1 – How can these be applied to? (i.e. GCloud/Achilles/etc.)

3. Which department(s) within the organisation (if any) are responsible for Business Intelligence?

4. Which department(s) within the organisation are responsible for Data Quality?

5. Which Tools / Software are currently being utilised by the organisation for Business Intelligence and Data Quality? (i.e. SAP BusinessObjects/Pentaho/MicroStrategy/Microsoft BI/etc?)

6. Does the organisation have any Data Governance Policies / Procedures currently in place? If so, can detail of these be provided?

7. Are you able to provide names of departmental leads responsible for Business Intelligence / Data Quality / Information Management?

Response 10-07-2015

1. We have Framework Agreements but do not have any "Preferred Supplier Lists"

2. We use the Public Contracts Scotland websites to electronically tender our contracts - all of our tendering, contract management and sourcing e-tools are developed and recommended by the Scottish Government.

3. All services are responsible for their own Business Intelligence solutions

4. Data quality is primarily the responsibility of the individual service areas

5. The line of business applications provide the Business Intelligence solutions alongside tools such as Cognos and Business Objects

6. The Council has a range of Information Security, Computer Use policies and procedures which are signed up to by all users of information systems. Also, see our Information Management pages here

7. N/A

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