FOI Request - Taxi Licence Information

Request 101000355316 

Details in regards to the costs of Taxi Licences within your area.

1. Are the costs as referred to in your pricing list all valid for one year

2. If not could you inform as to the length of the licences especially the Booking Office, the Public Hire Operators licence, the Public Hire Drivers Licence, the Private Hire Operators Licence and the Private Hire Drivers Licence.

3. The Total number of issued Taxis Licences both Public and Private Hire.

4. The total number of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles that are operating within your area.

Response 18-06-2015

1.  3 years

2.  As 1 above

3.  Taxi vehicles - 183

     Private Hire - 17

4.  13

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