FOI Request - Elgin Western Link Road Costs

Request 101000354083

I am seeking information on two points:

1.      How much in total has the project cost to date?
As near as possible to the 1st June 2015 would be great.

2.      How much officer time has been dedicated to developing, managing and generally progressing the project?
As near as possible to 1st June 2015 would be great. Also, if you could break that down, particularly to make clear how much Planning Officer time in processing the application and associated work that includes, that would be useful.

Response 24-06-2015

1.Since 2007: The total spent on this project is £3.28M. This includes consultant and staff design & development costs as well as legal and property costs.

2.Direct Services officer time developing and managing the project has taken 5760 hours to the end of May 2015.

Planning Officers and planning support staff do not keep specific time sheets for time spent on individual cases, and given the scale and complexity of the link road proposal pre and post planning application submission (inclusive of large numbers or representations) the amount of Development Management staff hours would be difficult to estimate over the past couple of years. Given that officers will at any one time have a caseload of a number of planning applications, it is not possible to break down and attribute specific periods to individual applications.

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