fOI Request - IT Provision

Request 101000354059

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA), I would like to request the following information about your IT provision:

1.   IT Estate
a. How many desktops are in  your total IT estate?
b. How many laptops are in your total IT estate?
c. How many servers are in your total IT estate?
d. Who currently provides IT disposal for you?
e. Which re-seller provides your IT hardware?
f. Are you tied into a time bound contract with your incumbent IT Disposal Company?
g. When is your current contract due for review?

2.       Contacts
a. Who is responsible for ICT hardware disposal in the organisation and what are their contact details?

Response 06-07-2015

1a. 4,500 approximately

b. 2500 approximately

c. 119 physical servers

d. ReBoot

e. HP, Misco, XMA and Dell via National Frameworks

f. No

g. No fixed review date

2a. ICT Infrastructure Manager

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