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I wish to submit a freedom of information request to the Council with regards to the Councils recycling contracts as detailed below:-

Residual Waste
Bulky Waste
Street Sweepings
Comingled Dry Recyclates

Please provide details of materials which are presented as part of the Councils Comingled Dry Recyclates.  Should the Council not collect Comingled Dry Recyclates please provide details of the individual waste steams i.e. Glass, Cans, Paper, Cardboard, Plastics etc etc.

For each of the recycling contracts / waste streams specified above I wish to request the following:-

1) Contract start date, expiry date and whether the contract has an option to extend and if so what the extension period is.

2) The Councils estimated annual tonnage broken down by contract / waste stream specified.

3) Who the current contractor is for each contract / waste stream specified.

4) Whether the Contract was awarded under any National Collaborative Agreement.

5) Who the appropriate procurement contact would be including full name, job title, contact number and e-mail address.

Response 24-06-2015

1.  Household waste/recycling collection, bulky waste collection, street cleaning, landfill and waste transfer and Materials Recycling Facilities (MRF) are all in-house operations.

Dry Recyclate: Currently operating on local agreements and contract extensions pending assessment of procurement options in house or through Scotland Excel Framework. Target for completion and contract commencement by 1st September 2015, procurement planning is underway and any contract opportunity will be advertised through the Public Contracts Scotland - Tender on-line portal.
Green and Food Waste Treatment:Contract start date - 1 March 2015.Duration - 4yrs. Extension option - 1 yr. Contractor - Keenan Recycling. Annual Tonnage Circa 12,000T. Annual spend - £500k.

2. Annual tonnages:

Mixed Paper - 5000 tonnes p.a.
Thick Card - 1500 tonnes p.a.
Mixed Plastic Bottles - 900 tonnes p.a.
Steel Cans - 400 tonnes p.a.
Elgin Aluminium cans - 100 tonnes p.a.
Mixed Glass - 2800 tonnes p.a.

3. Current contractors:

Mixed paper, thick card and mixed plastic bottles to Saica Natur, Kirkaldy.
Steel cans to J Gordon Williamson, Elgin.
Aluminium cans to Novelis vie ACE, Stirling.
Mixed glass to MKD32 Ltd shipped to Leith Docks.

4. N/A

5. Steve Williamson, Waste Management Officer, , 01343 557041.

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