FOI Request - Business Rates under SBBS

Request 101000351884

We hereby request a list (preferably) in an excel format to be sent by email) detailing all current Rateable Value assessments between £0 and £25,000 (inclusive) which are currently subject to Small Business Bonus Scheme (SBBS) and the date that relief was applied (either under the SBBS or the Small Business Rate Relief Scheme (SBRR) applicable between 2003 to 2008).  We anticipate the report would include the following columns insofar as possible.

Full Postal Address
Rating Description (e.g. offices, workshop etc)
Correspondence Address (if different from Full Postal Address)
Account Name
Account No./Ref.
Property Ref.
RV 2010
RV 2005
Current liability start date if post 1/4/2003 - dd/mm/yy
Commencement date that SBBS or SBRR was first applied to the account (not the application date itself)

Response 24-06-2015

The information requested can be found here.

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