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Our primary interest is in sign-only and area-wide 20mph limits – that is, areas where the speed limit is 20mph through the use of signs-only, rather than physical traffic-calming measures such as chicanes and speedhumps. We will be synthesising this material, using qualitative and quantitative analysis, to develop a picture of the impact of these limits across the country. We are requesting the following information:

1. Electronic copies of any research, consultations, or analysis into 20mph limits that you have conducted. This includes: materials reviewing whether they should be introduced, consulting local stakeholders, or explaining their introduction; materials exploring the impact of 20mph limits in your area; and materials outlining reasons for not implementing 20mph limits, if this was decided.

2. If your council has introduced any 20mph limits, on what proportion of roads have you done so, on a sign-only, area-wide or zone (traffic-calmed) basis? (Should you not have the precise lengths of roads that have been treated in this way, an estimate of the proportion of road types that have 20mph limits would still be useful, for example 20mph zones with traffic calming are in place around 90% of schools, and 20mph limits of some form are in place on around 50% of residential roads).

3.What are your future plans for (a) the (further) development of 20mph limits and/or

(b) consideration or review of whether to implement (more) 20mph limits?

4. a) For areas where you have introduced 20mph limits, what are your reasons for doing so?

b) For areas where you have not introduced 20mph limits, what are your reasons for not doing so?

5. Can you give us an idea of the costs of implementation of 20mph limits where you have done so? We would like to know the costs of
i) research/consultations,
ii) public engagement,
iii) road signs (if possible broken down by the cost of new repeater signs, and replacement signs).

Response 24-06-2015

1. Please see information on document here.

2. The Moray Council has introduced 20mph limits at 26 out of 45 schools.

3. The Moray Council have no future plans to develop, implement, review or consider 20 mph.

4a. 20 mph limits introduced for Traffic Calmed Areas under Scottish Government Initiative (i.e. Temp 20's, and reasons contained in Committee Reports (links in attached database at No 1)

4b. The Moray Council currently have no areas which require 20 mph. Please see attached document here showing individual reasons for not implementing 20 mph (April 2009).

5i. and 5ii. £1,000 approx per Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).

5iii. 20 mph £25, repeater £20 (costs are approximate and installation and admin costs would need to be added).

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