FOI Request - Foreign Language National 3 - 6

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I would like to ask you, under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act:

1. How many pupils have participated in a foreign language subject at National 3 to National 6 level in the last five academic years across the Local Authority?

2. How many foreign language teachers are employed within your local authority and how many vacancies in these roles exist?

3. What languages - excluding English - are taught within your local authority and how many teachers are employed in each language?

4. What is the pupil-teacher ratio, by language, across your local authority and how has this ratio changed over the last five academic years?

5. What initiative(s) do you currently have in place in primary schools to introduce younger students to foreign languages and at what age are pupils given foreign language lessons?

Response 18-06-2015

1.  1056 pupils

2.  15.2 FTE teachers
     1.06 FTE vacancies

3.  French 6.0 FTE
     German - 5.9 FTE
     Spanish - 3.3 FTE

4.  Varies from 15:1 - 20:1, little change over the years.

5.  In 2014-2015, Moray Council piloted Primary 1 Language Learning in all Forres Associated School Group (ASG) Primary schools, as a pilot in Moray‚Äôs 1+2 initiative, and a major proposal for 2014-15 in our 1+2 Strategy.

Volunteer primary teachers, head teacher and classroom assistants were trained to embed the foreign language, their L2 being French, into the daily routine of the Primary 1 classroom. Teachers were supported in the pilot initiative with resources and planners, as well as ongoing support from a French language assistant and a co-ordinator from the secondary school. Nearly all pilot schools, not only embedded the L2, French, into the Primary 1 classroom, but many chose to involve up to Primary 5 students in the initiative so that the whole school became involved in the initiative and supported one another in embedding French into the daily routine of the school.

After a very successful evaluation of the Primary 1 Language Learning in our pilot schools, all other ASGs will be trained to deliver L2 in the P1 classroom in 2015-2016. In addition,  Forres ASG Primary schools will be trained to deliver P2-P4, First Level Language Learning in their schools, and the following year P5-P7, Second Level Language Learning. The language learning training programme will roll out across all of Moray year on year.

Moreover, learners from Nursery upwards are enjoying a language experience, delivered by the Confucius volunteer and our 2 German Exchange teachers. The language experience enables our younger learners the opportunity to exchange personal information, practice new sounds and phrases, build confidence in their language learning, as well as raising their awareness of another culture.

In P6-P7, young learners continue to have more formal language lessons, delivered by teacher, Language assistant, German Exchange teacher or Confucius volunteer.

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