FOI Request - Mini Competition Equipment Framework

Request 101000348492

Our letter of 12 May 2015 requested the provision of specified information from The Council (replicated below for ease of reference). Unfortunately, it appears that you do not intend to provide us with this information, stating that "you do not have a statutory duty to provide the information". Our position is that The Council does have a statutory duty -under the Freedom of Information Scotland Act 2002. We look forward therefore to receiving the information requested within twenty working
days from the date of the request i.e. 12 May 2015.

1. All written records (in whatever form) in relation to NewField IT's input or involvement in the mini-competition under the equipment framework conducted by The Moray Council including the consideration (if any) of their relationship with one of the bidders, Xerox; and

2. All written records (in whatever form) of the evaluation exercise undertaken by The Moray Council in relation to this mini-competition in respect of each of the bidders in relation to price and quality.

Response 16-06-2015

Due to the large volume of documents, information can be provided by contacting or 01343 563110.

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