FOI Request - Policy on Playground Supervision

Request 101000348309

I would like to request details of individual policy set locally at each Primary School in Moray, with regard to supervision in the playground in the twenty minute period before school starts.

It has come to my attention that several schools, including my own, neither meet children arriving on school transport, nor supervise those children before schools open at 08.55am. Some are as young as 4 and can be left unattended for up to 20 minutes.

I am aware that policy is based on The Schools (Safety and Supervision of Pupils) (Scotland) Regulations 1990, which requires Primary schools to supervise pupils at break and lunch times only. I am therefore in the process of submitting a petition to the Scottish Government to have the relevant legislation reviewed and amended to incorporate supervision at this time of day also.

Parents entrusting their children to Councils when travelling from home to school, have a right to know their children will be safe, particularly given that they have no control over their arrival time at school. Similarly, Councils have a duty of care 'in loco parentis' to ensure the safety and well being of all children, as would be expected of a parent.

I am collating data in support of my petition and I would be most grateful if the details of each Primary school policy concerning playground supervision before school,  could be sent to me as soon as possible.

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