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This is a Freedom of Information request regarding household bin diaries.
Can you tell me please in each of the following years – 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15 – how many households have been asked to fill out bin diaries.

Can you please break this down into the different reasons households were given the diaries, eg 167 because they wanted a larger bin, 189 because they were failing to recycle enough, etc.

What are the families required to write in their bin diaries (please give examples of every question and the level of detail – do they have to write down every item they throw away?), how often do they fill them out, how long are they given the diaries for and what action is taken after the bin diaries are returned to the council?

Can you please provide a photograph of a bin diary, showing the categories it includes.

Can you tell me please what other measures are taken to encourage people to cut their waste? For each measure, can you please tell me how many households it applied to in each of the years above.

For each of the years given above, please tell me how many households were visited by council officials to discuss bins and what these conversations normally entail.

Can you please tell me the exact criteria needed for a household to qualify for a larger bin – for example minimum number of children, medical conditions etc.

And can you tell me if these criteria have changed in the last five years and, if so, what they were previously.

Response 14-05-2015

The Moray Council do not do bin diaries.

The Moray Council do not have any specific measures in place such as a bin diary for example, however we do have roadshows in public open spaces and public events together with presentations to schools and community groups to advise on all waste issues.  Should a resident have difficulty in using the capacity of containers provided for collection, then our Recycling Assistants can and do offer advice face to face.

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