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I am writing to you as a representative of the Child’s Curriculum, a non-affiliated Edinburgh forum that meets on a regular basis to discuss issues relating to early childhood with the following aims:

•       To uphold the tradition of excellent nursery provision in Scotland
•       To advance principles of child learning and development for excellent education and care
•       To support considering children's nature and children's rights as inseparable.

Our website can be accessed here:

We are currently undertaking an Independent Audit of the Contribution of Teachers to Early Education and Childcare across Scotland, funded by the Education Institute of Scotland, and as part of this audit we would like to request the following information from you:

1a.     What is your Local Council’s policy regarding the employment of GTCS registered teachers in pre-school settings?

b.      How many GTCS teachers do you currently employ in pre-school settings?

c.      Has your Council made any recent policy changes regarding the employment of teachers in pre-school settings, or do you plan to do so?

2a. .     How does your Local Council provide "access to a teacher" for all 3 and 4 year olds? In your council area:

b.   Is there a minimum standard for teacher time in pre-school centres and/or contact time with children?

c.     Does each child, regardless of the setting, receive equal teacher access?

d.       Are certain children prioritised for teacher access?

e.      Can details be provided of the actual amount of teacher time in individual centres and their role within the centre?

f.      Have you carried out an evaluation of the impact of teacher access/lack of teacher access on child outcomes? If yes, please provide documentation.

3. How is the requirement of "teacher presence" in partnership centres met within your Local Council area?

4. How many pre-school home visiting teachers do you employ and what is their role?

Response 03-06-2015

1a. Teachers are employed in nurseries with a roll of over 40.

 b. 5 FTE

 c. No

2a. In school, by the Head Teacher or appropriate member of the Senior Management Team.  In addition, there is a small early years team who provide support.

b. In line with national agreement regarding contact time.

c. no

d. no

e. no

f. no

3. From the Early Years Team

4. None

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