FOI Request - Drug & Alcohol Treatment - Under 16s

Request 101000343243

Freedom of Information request on children within your local authority who are referred for drug and/or alcohol treatment.

1. How many children aged under 16 were referred for drug and/or alcohol treatment between April 2013-April 2015 inclusive?

2. Can you please breakdown by year?

3. Please list reasons for referral?

4. How many were referred due to i.) their own substance misuse? ii.) parental or substance misuse by another relative?

5. Can you please break this number down by age and by sex?

6. Can you please breakdown by either drink or drug misuse?

7. Please advise the youngest person to be referred for i.) their own substance misuse ii). parental or other relative substance misuse?

Response 22-05-2015

Response from Engagement Team

1.  The Engagement Team had one referral through Accident and Emergency.

2.  1 in 2014

3.  Presented at A&E under the influence of alcohol.

4.  1 presented with alcohol misuse

5.  14 years old Male

6.  Drink

7.  14 years old.

Response from Child Protection

1.  Information not available as children indirectly affected

2.  As Q1

3.  All information given below refers to the registration of children on the Child Protection At Risk Register.  These children were registered because of concerns about parental drug and/or alcohol misuse.  None of these children were being treated for an issue in their own right.

4. (ii) There were 59 children registered on the Child Protection Register between 31 March 2013 and 1 May 2015 where there was a concern about Parental Drug abd/or Alcohol Misuse.


0 – 4 years       18 female; 17 male            35 total

5 – 10 years           6 female; 12 male             18 total

11- 15 years          2 female; 4 male              6 total     Overall total 59 

6.  There were 31 children with a concern for Parental Alcohol Misuse; 38 children with a concern for Parental Drug Misuse (please note that some children were registered with both concerns)

7.  (ii)  Five children were registered pre-birth or within months of their birth for concerns about parental drug and/or alcohol misuse

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