FOI Request - Teacher Stress Related Absences

Request 101000343194

Freedom of information request regarding teachers within your local authority and stress related absences.

1. How many teachers have been signed off work because of a stress related illness in the period from 2011-2015?

2.  Can you please breakdown into primary and secondary school teachers?

3.  Can you  breakdown by year?

4. Can you advise the longest period of absence for an individual?

5. Can you advise the level of compensation paid out to teachers due to stress related claims to your local authority within this time frame ? Can you  breakdown this figure into individual years ?

6. Can you advise the largest payout to an individual?

7. Can you advise how many stress related compensation claims are pending and how much money has been set aside for this?

Response 20-05-2015

1.  Information can be found in table here.

2.  See table at Q1

3.  See table at Q1

4.  195 working days

5.  Nil

6.  N/A

7.  None

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