FOI Request - Charging Policies Residential Care

Request 101000342633

Please provide copies of charging policies for residential care services and domicilliary care services.

We should be obliged if you could confirm the following:

1.  How does Moray Council treat compensation recovered as part of a personal injury claim for damages?

2.  How does Moray Council treat compensation held within a Personal injury Settlement Trust?

3.  When carrying out a financial assessment, does Moray Council take income generated by the capital held in a Personal Injury Trust into account?

Response 13-05-2015

Copy of charging policy can be found here.

1. Taken into account in financial assessment.

2. See Q3 below.

3. Charging for Residential Care - CRAG is applied, in particular Section 10 - Trust Funds.   Information can be found here.

Copy of Non Residential Contributions Policy can be found here.

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