FOI Request - Personal Nursing Care at Home

Request 101000341621

With regard to personal and nursing care for the elderly in their own homes...

* Where the council has assessed the needs of an individual at xx hours per week but then cannot immediately find a provider to provide that care...

For the last month available, what is the number of care hours which could not be allocated to a provider in the first instance by the council?

To clarify, if a person is assessed as needing xx number of hours of personal care, is there a delay in that care being supplied because of a lack of availability of resources to provide that care?

If so, to how many hours does this apply?

Response 14-05-2015

The Moray Council commissions over 14,000 hours of home care each month.  During the calendar month of April 2015 we were unable to source 444 hours and 45 minutes of care due to lack of availability of resources.

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