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In relation to the 'Named Person' provision of the Children and Young People [Scotland] Act 2014, we would like answers to the following public interest questions - the answers applying strictly to the period before the date of submission of this list of questions.

1 Did your council begin implementation of the 'Named Person' clause on a fully comprehensive coverage of every child in your area from birth to individual legal maturity?

2 If you did not, what selection criteria have you put in place to decide on the order of classification of the children to whom it it is being progressively applied in your area since you began implementation?

3 What provision does your council make for the implementation of the clause in respect of those who legally leave school at sixteen?

4 What provision does your council make in respect of an underage parent or parents?

5 In total, how many children in your area now have specifically assigned 'Named Persons'?

6 Is your council today implementing this clause in respect of all children in its area from birth to individual legal maturity?

7 What percentage is this of the total number of children within the normal age band of 0-18 currently in your area?

Response 14-05-2015

1.  As a council the Named Person Service has been a matter of Good Practice and steps put in place to implement.  However the 16 and 18 element has not been decided how this could work.

2.  The elements of the Named Person Service is applied to all children/young people who need additional support.

3.   This is currently being looked at and discussed as to how that would be taken forward.

4.  The provision of underage parents is through partnership working with the Third Sector, health and team around the child.  This may include all of school teaching and support team relevant agencies to provide packages of support.

5.  All children aged 0-18 if at school should have a Named Person

6.  Please see answer to question 1.

7.  This information is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

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