FOI Request - Council Scheduled Road Safety and Condition Surveys

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I understand these are carried out by a sole driver/inspector operating from a motor vehicle.

1. thinking specifically of a rural single track road with passing places, please describe the actual process in detail - for example what sort of vehicle, what specialist equipment has it on board for the purpose, how does the driver/inspector physically record defects and other issues, what measures are
taken to ensure the h&s of the council officer and other road users, etc?

2. In the past 5 years, has the council ever explored switching to a driver plus inspector ie 2 person regime; and if so why, and for what reason/s has such a change not been implemented?

Response 07-05-2015

1. Rural safety inspections are carried out from a small van (e.g. Vauxhall Combo).  Externally, the vans are fitted with highly conspicuous markings and a flashing amber roof beacon.  Internally the vans have specialist equipment including a Brantz precision odometer, RAM mount for Motion tablet PC and a communication radio incorporating GPS tracking.
The tablet PC runs specialist software specifically intended for mobile inspections.  The device is loaded each day with the inspection route(s) that are due and then records which roads are inspected as the inspection is carried out.  Any defects found during the inspection are recorded using the same software.

2. No.

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