FOI Request - Development/Capital Works/Major Projects - Policies & Procedures

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Under the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act, please provide any and all of the following information where it relates to and applies to your organisation:  My request is primarily based upon delivery of large construction related projects, for example housing schemes, council buildings or schools. This request can be confined to procedures that would be followed by council officers when developing projects to deliver this type of work. Some organisations may refer to this as a project management guide or handbook

• Development Policies & Procedures
• Capital Works Policies & Procedures
• Major Projects Policies & Procedures

Response 15-05-2015

Education and Social Care 

Moray Gateway Process Overview

Protocol for New Capital Projects

Procurement Procedures

Environmental Services

Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations

Design Manual for Roads & Bridges

Moray Local Plan 2008

Cycling by Design

National Road Development Guidance

National Standards for Community Engagement

Financial Regulations

Designing Streets

Online Services

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