FOI Request - Properties Sold under Right to Buy Scheme

Request 101000341165

1. Can you tell me how many properties your local authority has sold under the Right-to-Buy scheme since it was introduced in 1979?

2. Out of these properties, can you tell me how many are now as having a registered landlord operating at the property?

3. Can you also supply details of whether the Landlord is a person or represents a private company?
If it is a company can you give me details of their name and where they are registered?

Response 08-05-2015

1.  6,731 properties sold under right to buy

2. 3 properties have subsequently been purchased by an Registered Social Landlord (RSL) for social rent.

3. The RSL is Grampian Housing Association, 74 Huntly Street, Aberdeen AB10 1TD

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