FOI Request - Named Person Provision - C&YP (Scot) Act 2014

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In relation to the 'Named Person' provision of the Children and Young People [Scotland] Act 2014, we would like answers to the following public interest questions - the answers applying strictly to the period before the date of submission of this list of questions.

1 Is your council currently implementing this clause of this Act, in part or in full?

2 On what date did your council commence any implementation of this clause?

3 Was your council in any way instructed by the Scottish Government to commence any implementation of the 'Named Person' clause?

4 If so, what were the specific terms of that instruction or guidance?

5 Did your council seek permission of the Scottish Government to commence implementation?

6 How often and to what purpose has your council been progressively guided by the Scottish Government in your implementation of this clause?

Response 12-05-2015

1. The Council is currently implementing the Named Person Service clause of the Act in part issued as guidance.

2. The implementation of this clause began October 2011 but again this was only guidance.

3. No, the provision of the Named Person service was for guidance and good practise as part of the implementation of GIRFEC nationally.

4. The guidance followed the Scottish Government practise briefing on the Named Person and the lessons learnt from the experience of the Pathfinder in Highland.

5. No but were based on what was deemed good practise and representative of what was happening nationally.

6. Over the past 8 years Scottish Government have published practise guides, resources, delivered learning and consultation sessions towards the implementation of the GIRFEC programme. This again has been through sharing best practise experience from pathfinder authorities in evidencing improving outcomes for children and young people. This has happened more frequently since the Children and Young Persons Act has been mentioned and implemented as legislation.  These have been consultation events, touchpoint documents and sharing of good practise across the authorities.

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