FOI Request - Application Vendor & Software Modules - Environmental Services

Request 101000340783

I would like to know please the name of both the application vendor and the vendors software modules used by the Council in conjunction with its business of Highway and Environmental services.

By way of example in these two Service areas you may have something similar to those I have exampled below. I would like to know the specific vendor name and the modules you actually use. Where multiple modules exist from a vendor could these please be listed (no more than 5, eg Lighting, Street works)

eg Highways - Symology for management of infrastructure assets, including highways, street works, land and property, bridges and structures, public lighting, and distribution networks

eg. of Environmental - Civica APP Powersuite for Waste Collection, Waste Disposal, Environmental Services, In-Cab, Mobile

Clarification Sought 21-04-2015

No clarification received therefore the request is closed.

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