FOI Request - Unpaid Bills

Request 101000338869

Please provide all information over a three period (April 2015 - April 2012)

Please provide information about the number of instances the council has not paid bills in time and owed money to a business/ organisation.

For each instance provide details of the service the council owed money for, the organisation/ business the council owed money to, the amount of money the council owed, the amount of time it took for the council pay (or if the bill is still outstanding).

For each instance please also provide the number of reminders for payment the council received and the form these reminders came in.

For each instance please provide details of any consequences of the non payment. For example was a service was pulled until the bill was paid? If so for how long?

Response 14-04-2015

Moray Council does not record the due date of an invoice within our systems and this may differ from supplier to supplier dependent on the terms and conditions that relate to that particular payment - what we do have is a statutory PI that measure the percentage of invoices/payments made within 30 days of invoice date.

For the past three years we have recorded an annual performance of

2011/12 85.8%
2012/13 81.90%
2013/14 86.90%

The indicator for 14/15 is not available as yet.

Moray Council does not record receipt of reminders or indeed have any record of any default that resulted in a service or goods being withdrawn.

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