FOI Request - Learning Disabilities

Request 101000338666

I would like to find out the following information under the Freedom of Information Act please, regarding your Learning Disabilities /supported living

1.       Is your Learning Disabilities /supported living  provision outsourced to external providers or provided by In-House staff.
         What is the percentage split of external commissioned service
2.       Who is the Commissioning Manager/Contract Manager responsible for this service?
3.       Number of service users in the service?
4.       Number of in-house care staff providing the service?
5.       Total number of external care providers
6.       Total number of hours commissioned per week
7.       The average invoice charge rate per hour for commissioned services

Response 01-05-2015

1.  Mainly outsourced.  1 internal service

     78% outsourced

2.  Roddy Huggan, Commissioning and Performance Manager

3.  112

4.  10

5.  7

6.  Block contracts as per care plans

7.  £15.32

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