FOI Request - Applications for Wind Farms/Turbines

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1.   By year, since 2010, how many applications for wind farm/turbine installations have been received by the  council?

2.   By year, how many of these applications have been refused?

3.   By year, since 2010, give me a total of wind farms/turbines within your council area

Response 16-04-2015

The two spreadsheets below include applications The Moray Council dealt with and Section 36 applications which were dealt with by Scottish Government. It also includes refused applications, some of the refused applications may be appealed. Some applications maybe for the same site where the applicant has submitted a revised application to change turbine size/location etc. If you need further information on these applications you may want to check our online planning application, link below:-

The applications with the status of “Approved or Under Construction” may not be 100% as some of these may now be operational.

SiteDetails20150219.xls contains application details and an indicative site location grid ref.

TurbineLocations20150219.xls contains grid coordinates of individual turbine locations, this can be combined with the site details using the ref field.


For further wind energy guidance please see the link below:-


NOTE:- Any turbine location co-ordinates we provide will not be exact locations taken from GPS or similar. The co-ordinates will be either calculated from plans provide by the applicant or grid co-ordinates stated in the application, these co-ordinates will not take into account for any micro-siting at construction stage. The data is provided based on the best information available to the council at the time of writing.

Disclaimer. Moray Council will not accept any liability for any costs incurred by the recipient or by any third parties arising from or as a result of any inaccuracies in the information provided by us in relation to the location of a particular development. Recipients are asked to note that the information provided  will  be taken from information provided by the applicant, the accuracy or otherwise of which may not have been verified by the Council.

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