FOI Request - Community Payback Orders

Request 101000336073

1. Can you please provide a list of the organisations, including schools and public bodies, which take offenders for community payback.

2. Can you please tell me, for each organisation, which tasks offenders would do and typically how many hours they would do, plus which kinds of offenders are most likely to do which.

3. If there are any activities or trips offered by the council to help rehabilitate offenders, can you please tell me what these are and what types of offenders these are offered to, eg adults or young offenders.

4. I am looking for a list of the community placements currently available but could you also please provide a list of the trips, activities and community payback order placements provided by the council in 2014-15 up to the present day.

Response 21-04-2015

In Moray we have a wide range of individual placements for offenders:- the following is our current list:-
• Charity Shops in Moray
• Keith Dufftown Railway
• Greenhome
• Reboot
• Waste Busters
• Art Centre
• Transition Town
• Various halls and community centres
• Wildlife centre
• The loft
• Outfit Moray

2. Normally it is  our lower risk and reliable offenders that  gain individual placements. Risk assessments are always carried out prior to someone gaining an individual placement.  
• Tasks are varied depending on the placement eg in charity shops clients are usually back of house doing sorting and ironing tasks; in Outfit Moray they are involved in bike maintenance in the workshop; in halls and community centres they are supervised by a hall keeper and can undertake setting up seating for events; cleaning  and garden work etc
• Individual placements can be from 2 hours per day upwards, depending on individual arrangements.  

3. “Other Activities” as described in the legislation for the purpose of rehabilitation normally includes:- referral to addiction support, referral to Employment Support, referral to Moray College to undertake courses or training. This is open to all of  our client group. Moray Council also offers “activity agreements” for under 20 year olds, we are not the main contact for providing these agreements.  Venture Trust is also available to our clients in Moray, Venture Trust has their own criteria for referral.

4. We do not hold a list of the number of “activity agreements” provided by the council for our younger clients.  No one was referred to Venture Trust in 2014/15.
As per list in question 1, these placements are currently available and were available in 2014/15.

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