FOI Request - Investigations Relating to Flooding - Car Park Tesco, Buckie

Request 101000335710

On Monday 11th August 2014, we understand that following a short period of heavy rainfall, flooding has occurred in the car park area of the Tesco Superstore in Buckie which has resulted in water ingress at the neighbouring residential properties.

We understand that you are responsible for the communal drainage in the area and have previously carried out an extensive inspection of the system. Your inspections may have been before and/or after the incident date as we understand that there may have been a previous instance of flooding.

As part of our investigations, it would be helpful if you could provide records of your investigations relating to flooding in that particular location together with details of your findings. The Tesco Superstore was built around 4 to 5 years ago so even if your inspections date back a few years please provide copies of the records anyway.

Response 21-04-2015

The Moray Council are not responsible for drainage in the area of Tesco’s car park nor currently in the adjacent access road (Fairway Road, Buckie).  

The Tesco car park is the responsibility of the owners to manage and maintain.

The adjacent road (Fairway Road) is subject to an agreement with the Council that, on request, it will be adopted onto the public list of roads and thereafter maintained by the Council, subject to it being built to an agreed satisfactory standard.

Because of the flooding problem, Fairway Road is not to a standard that would allow the Council to adopt on request.

It is for the developers to investigate, design and implement a solution to the drainage problems however, because Fairway Road is subject to a Road Construction Consent the Council have an interest in ensuring it is completed to a satisfactory standard.  I can therefore provide the following information.

Development (08/02475/FUL) was for the Tesco Store and Petrol Filling Station along with the access road and car park, etc. Details can be found here.

The approved drainage layout plan clearly shows different elements of the drainage system.  There is a note stating that “hatched area denotes carriageway & drainage to be designed by others and approved as part of Road Construction Consent (RCC) submission”.  

The access road and its’ drainage arrangements are covered in RCC 322.  The remainder of the drainage is private within the Tesco Store (and shows an attenuation tank, pumping chamber and connection to Scottish Water sewer).  

In relation to RCC 322 a drainage proposal was submitted based on the original infiltration data.  This was acceptable based on the observed data.  However there have been a series of heavy rainfall events that flagged up a shortcoming with the drainage arrangements: 23/12/12; 29/01/14; 12/08/14.  

Following each of these events the developer was pressed to identify the shortcomings and appropriate solutions.

Following the first event there was a new series of percolation test and a survey of the drainage system and Arup Consultant produced various technical notes.  Following on from the investigation report Option 3 has been pursued as the appropriate alternative solution for the access road drainage (see briefing note).

After the event in August 2014 a briefing note was prepared and discussed with Ward Members.   The briefing note provides details of investigations carried out and findings as advised to the Council.

Following further communications towards the end of 2014 revised technical information was submitted in respect of Option 3.  The most recent communication with Tesco and others was issued on 30/03/15.  The documentation and approval(s) are not yet complete for Option 3 drainage scheme.

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