FOI Request - B9089 Wards Crossroad to Kinloss Inspections

Request 101000335242

1. Moray councils policy for inspecting and maintaining its Roads

2. Inspection logs for C25E from B9089 at Wards Crossroad to Kinloss road for the last year.

3. Any works or repairs carried out on this road in the last year.

Response 09-04-2015 

1.  The information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of  Information (Scotland) Act 2002, information otherwise accessible.  For ease of reference the information can be found in our Roads Asset Management Plan (  For specific details on Roads (Carriageways) see section 4.2 onwards of the Carriageway Lifecycle Plan.

2.  The C25E doesn’t have a section that goes from B9089 at Wards Crossroad to Kinloss, however, the B9089 does.   As the FOI states the section of road in question is  ‘B9089 Wards Crossroad to Kinloss’, I have attached the inspection reports for the 2 sections of road that cover the B9089 from Wards Crossroad to Kinloss.

3.  The majority of work/repairs are included in the report above; however, the following programmed surface dressing job doesn’t appear within the report:

B9089 Kinloss-Burghead Road U59E to U58E - Surface Dress (work completed 02/06/14) - this job would be in the section - 2635242 – B9089 from U58E to Main Road, Kinloss.

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