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Under the terms set out in the National Assistance Act 1948, all local authorities are required to provide burial or cremation for individuals who die without means (“paupers’ funerals” to use the colloquial term) within their respective district boundaries.

1. How many such individuals, for each of the last 10 years (dating back from 25 March 2015), have been buried and cremated. I want a separate number per year for burials and cremations;

2. As of 2015, what is the cost of
(a) such a burial (including cost of coffin)

(b) such a cremation.

Response 06-04-2015

Please note that with respect to years 2005 - 2008 this information is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

1.         The following funerals have been arranged by this authority in terms of Section 50 of the National Assistance Act 1948:

            2009-10: One burial;

            2010-11: Three burials;

            2011-12: One burial;

            2012-13: Two burials;

            2013-14: Five burials; and

            2014-15: Five burials and one cremation (as of 31/3/15).

2.    The costs of the funerals can vary. The Moray Council has a contract with a local funeral undertaker and other costs which are incurred include the interment and the costs of the time of the Council's officers in having to make the arrangements for the funeral and carry out the necessary checks for next of kin and any estates. A cremation is only carried out when there is sufficient funds in the estate of the deceased person to pay for this.

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