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I am finishing off my report for my client, who is looking to soon approach local government authorities with their services (Robotic Process Automation).

Thanks to you previous help, I have ID’d that the main department within the Council that has paper based information that has to then be inputted into computers/databases, etc is:

•   Adult Social Care
I am now seeing if there is a technical fit, in that the software that my client provides, is able to automate this data inputting / verifying process.

•  I would need the help of the relevant officer working within the Adult Social Care department, to help me understand the overall process involved, in so that I can work on putting together a flow chart diagram for that set of procedures that the relevant data entry officers carry out each day.
•  The only person that would have access to this information, would be an officer that works within the Adult Social Care department
Therefore this is my FOI request:

•  How many professionals work within the department that collect relevant information from residents, that then needs to be inputted into the system?
•  How much of their time (i.e. per officer) is spent inputting collected data from residents into the system, during a typical working day, and then week? (i.e. 1 hours a day, for 5 days in a week)
•  What is the overall process from collecting the relevant data, to inputting it into which system, to someo ne verifying/checking the data, for the data to be transferred to another system, etc? (so that I can build up a workflow process of what happens to the collected data from a back office perspective, which we would check to see if part or all of the process can be automated by our RPA software)

If a member of the FOI team could pass this request to the relevant officer working within the Adult Social Care department that can help me, I would be grateful?

•  Finally, the last question being = please can you pass me the name  and contact details of the main officer that would be able to help me with the specific questions regarding the processing / technical fit – that works within the Adult Social Care department?

Response 02-04-2015

The previous process was subject to an internal mapping exercise and has been superseded by the purchase of a Home Care Monitoring and Scheduling system and is  fully automated.  Copy of previous and current process can be found here.

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