FOI Request - Council Disciplinary Measures

Request 101000332777

The number of council workers who have been formally disciplined by the council in each of the past five financial years (i.e. 2010-11 to 2014-15) broken down by financial year.

In each case, a brief description of the transgression that led to the disciplinary action (e.g. fraud, assault, inappropriate internet use) and the outcome of that disciplinary action (e.g. Written warning, final warning, dismissal).

Response 08-05-2015

2010 - 31
2011 - 28
2012 - 48
2013 - 34
2014 - 20

These disciplinaries can be categorised as follows:  poor performance, aggressive or offensive behaviour, theft or fraud, bringing the council into serious disrepute, misuse of internet/social media, abuse of alcohol or illegal drugs at work.  

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