FOI Request - Resourcing and Funding for Vulnerable Children and Adults

Request 101000332335

I am writing on behalf of the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) to request information on the level of resourcing and continuity of funding available to support the transition of vulnerable children and young people when they move from Primary specialist support provision to mainstream Secondary.

Response 15-04-2015

Engagement Team support from Integrated Children’s Services: 2014-15

Extended transition:
Buckie £172.20
Keith   £230.49
Speyside High School £300
Keith Summer Club: £1377.75
Milne's: £1538.19
Locality Management group East £800

Lossiemouth High school: Locality Management Group West  £900 Elgin Academy transition Youth Club: £1476 Elgin High School Super 7’s: £541.20 Forres Academy: £490.67

Total spend: £7826.50

Each Locality Management Group had access to £2000 to pump prime initiatives based on needs and this is the same in this financial year.

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