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1. Are some school canteens in your area supplied by:
a) A council contract managed by your council alone?
b) A joint contract with other councils? If b, please provide a list of all councils involved.
c) A school consortia or another organisation separate to the council? If c, please provide contact details for the relevant managing organisation. Name and phone number. If there are several, just provide details of the main one.

2. If some school canteens are supplied by a council contract, either by your council alone, or by your council as part of a joint contract with other councils - how many schools are supplied?

3. How many schools are there in your area in total – primary, secondary, special needs covering ages groups 5-16 or 18. All types, including academies, no need to disaggregate by type.

4. Please provide a copy of the invitation to tender for the contract supplying school canteens – to enable me to see if fairly traded products were requested and how. If there is more than one relevant contract document, I need to see the one with contract conditions where ‘ethical’ or ‘fair trade’ conditions would be if used.

Questions on kind of Fairtrade products used and volumes
5. If some schools are supplied by a council contract, please provide figures for the number of Fairtrade certified products used in total by all schools for a convenient period – preferably a year, calendar, financial or the 12 months up to a certain date. (Alternatively slightly longer or shorter, or for the lifetime of a contract, if that’s the only way figures are held).  eg. supplied 40,630 Fairtrade certified bananas to around 70 school canteens in the year to July 2013, and over 7,500 fruit juices. No other products.  Ideally I’m only looking for sales volumes in schools, but if sales figures are only recorded for all facilities, (including school canteens and council catering facilities), then just provide figures for all combined if it’s easier. My focus is solely on products supplied to school canteens, hot drinks products are not relevant if they are part of a contract that serves council catering facilities for adults as well as schools.

6. How many Fairtrade certified bananas were used by the school canteens in your area that are served by the council contract? As precisely as possible eg.between 5,000 and 6,000, or approx 11,000.

7. Have schools been supplied exclusively with Fairtrtade certified bananas, or have Fairtrade bananas been supplied along with others that are not Fairtrade certified? (I don’t need any figures for non-Fairtrade certified)

8. How many Fairtrade certified fruit juices were used by the school canteens in your area served by the council contract? (No need to break down figures into types of fruit juices, unless information is recorded that way and providing disaggregated figures is easier)

9. If any other Fairtrade certified products are used in schools, if applicable – for example, bulk sugar, geobar snacks, other fruit like oranges, museli and preserves if breakfast clubs are included, rice, olive oil. My assumption is that other products aren’t used. If any are you could just name them eg bulk sugar, number of items bought, x1kg bags

10. Have councillors asked officers to maximise the ranges or volumes of fairly traded products used in local schools  by a detailed procurement policy that includes naming fairly traded product ranges relevant to school canteens in tenders?

11. Has a local fair trade (steering) group asked your council to maximise the ranges or volumes of fairly trade products provided to schools by asking officers or councillors to ask for relevant products by name in the tender?

12. Have any local schools – teachers and/or students – asked the council to maximise the ranges or volumes of fairly traded products provided to schools?

13. Has there been any consultations - about the ranges of fairly traded products offered in school canteens?
a) With local schools?
b) With a local fair trade (steering) group?

14. Barriers to supplying Fairtrade certified products to schools, if any. I assume that most contract caterers stock Fairtrade bananas, fruit juices, and bulk sugar, or could source them relatively easily if asked. If schools do not use large volumes of Fairtrade certified bananas or fruit juices the likely reasons are:
a) Contracts don’t request them by name, as a contract condition
b) There is a lack of availability from local contract caterers or wholesalers.
c) Extra cost:

Any information on blockages would help if relevant, eg, % price differential.

15. Product ranges in other council catering facilities (not schools)
Many councils are Fairtrade councils which use Fairtade certified tea, coffee and sugar. I do not need to know about these products. I would just like to know if any less well used products are provided, for example: hot chocolate; cola, snacks, bananas, oranges, museli, preserves, rice, olive oil; pepper; herbs; chocolate in vending machines. I don’t need any information on sales volumes, or about which catering facilities stocks them, unless that’s easy to provide. (Eg, range in town hall café includes: XYZ). I just want to know if lesser volume products are used at all anywhere.

16. Public information on council managed catering facilities
I assume the answer to this is no but I want to check. It’s based on the fact that Fairtrade steering groups in London are not given comprehensive information on what catering facilities the council actually owns or manages, beyond the main canteen or café in a town hall and meeting rooms.

Does your council publish a full list of all catering facilities it owns or provides and details which Faitrade certified products are used in the facilities? Examples of facilities might include: vending machines in leisure centres or offices; canteens/cafes in teachers professional development centres; community/civic centres/libraries.

If your council does have such a published list, please provide a copy or a link to a website page.  I just want to know if such a resource already exists for public information or not.

Response 30-03-2015

1. Moray Council school canteens are managed by the Council alone.

2. 53.

3. 53.

4. Scotland Excel do the tendering for our food products.

5. The information you requested can be found here.  No fruit juices are purchased.

6. The Moray Council supply fair trade bananas where possible but because they are not always available we are unable to provide an approximate figure.

7. See response to question 6.

8. The information you requested can be found here; highlighted products.

9. See information at Q5.

10. Yes, officers have been asked to use fair-trade products where possible.

11. Scotland Excel produce our tenders and do request fair-trade products but it is illegal to ask for specific brand/product names.

12. This information is exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; information not held.

13. The Moray Council have been asked to use fair-trade tea, coffee, hot chocolate and sugar sticks.

14. There are no barriers preventing Brakes supplying contract compliant products to Moray Council (note your option b: there is a lack of availability from local contract caterers or wholesalers.  Our response to this is: lack of availability in quantities required).

15. No other fair-trade products are provided in vending machines within Community Centres and Swimming Pools.  Town and Village Halls within Moray do not have café facilities.

16. No.


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