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1. Describe, preferably by a flow chart diagram, 3 processes that involve the most man hours of processing either at a computer terminal or gathering or checking information etc as part of the process. Preferably noting the numbers of people and time spent by them (the more info the better).

2. List and describe any processes currently outsourced to a third party, especially if it is overseas. (i.e. as to the same criteria as above)

3. Please can you also add with each function/team who the main decision maker would be, that is responsible for overseeing the budget/department head, including their contact details (i.e. name, job title, specific council email address and telephone number)

Response 13-03-2015

Please find below three processes.  Please note that as discussed these processes may not involve the most man hours.

Lease Process

Paysheet Process

Welfare Benefits Process

2.  We do not have any processes outsourced to third parties or overseas.

3.  Diane Beattie, Payments Manager email tel 01343 563136

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